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Who we are and what we're about.

Photo credit: Sarah Nicholson


The Friends of Prospect Lake is an organization of local residents, both full- and part-time, all interested in the health and uses of the lake.


To state things most simply, FoPL’s purpose is to keep Prospect Lake healthy and useable for all the flora and fauna that live in or around it and that make use of it for one purpose or another.  More than anything else, that means managing the growth of weeds in the lake.  If you don’t get on top of weed growth and stay there, you’ll have a swamp on your hands.  And the weeds grow fast and persistently.  That’s why FoPL’s motto is “stubborn as the weeds.” 


FoPL’s official mission statement: to monitor, maintain, and enhance the environmental, aesthetic, recreational, and economic value of the lake and its watershed, and to educate people concerning care for the lake.


Founded in 2006, FOPL has dealt with lakeweeds every year in a pattern of

survey-treat-survey (for more information on treatment see Project page).  From its inception, FoPL has hired a professional lake management firm to help it understand the lake and its changes through the seasons, to develop an approach to keeping it weed free, and to implement a sustainable plan. All treatment is regulated and monitored by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and tri-annual reviews and approval by Egremont’s Conservation Commission, whose charter is to make sure state regs are followed. 

Friends of Prospect Lake is guided by a Board of Directors elected by members at our annual General Meeting in July, a meeting open to the public. Membership is open to anyone interested in the continued use of Prospect Lake for all the flora and fauna (including people!) that enjoy its benefits. 

Friends of Prospect Lake is a tax exempt 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization and is supported by membership dues, contributions, and a variety of fundraising activities. Additionally, each year the citizens of Egremont vote at their Town Meeting to grant a sum of money to the Friends of Prospect Lake in support of their work at the lake.  The Town of Egremont has been an important supporter of the work to keep Prospect Lake a viable and valuable community resource.
  • membership dues

  • annual tag sale

  • bake sale

  • community re-cycling/redemption

  • grants & community funding

  • donations

As is the case for all NFPs, we are always searching for new fundraising ideas. If you have an idea for an event, sale or membership drive please contact us at ALL IDEAS WELCOME!!


As a 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit organization, the Friends of Prospect Lake annual report is available as public record.

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