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Magic Every Day...


Come fairies, take me out of this dull world. For I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame.”

- W.B Yeats, 'The Land Of Heart's Desire'.


When it comes to fairies, there is a long and mysterious global history as to their origins, their purpose, their magic, and their habitat. Some even question the very existance of fairies. Imagine that!

For those of us who live in our precious Berkshires, a place

that surrounds us with magic every day, there is no doubt that fairies dwell among us.


While many of us are the caretakers of our natural surroundings, there are some who choose to watch over and care for the illusive little inhabitants that bring mystery, beauty and a sense of wonder into our lives.

How lucky are we to have just such a Watcher in our midst--Penelope Riffle. Penelope, as our local fairie expert, has dedicated much of her precious summer vacation to making sure the faire folk among us are well looked after providing them with food, cozy and safe places to live and, most importantly, kindness, friendship, respect and love.

Let your imagination run free as you learn about Penelope's favorite little folk.


There Be Fairies...

There Be Fairies...

There Be Fairies...

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Penelope enjoying a peaceful moment in the garden with her Fairie friends.

Still photography and video by Luke Riffle. Video editing by Emily Benson.

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