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It's the little things that count.

Its during times like this when we are all reminded that it's usually the little things that bring solace, pleasure and a bit of sanity. 


We are so fortunate to have so many talented and interesting people in our little community!

The Friends of Prospect Lake Online Gallery is happy to introduce the work of Melody Lea Lamb. Melody's paintings are a tribute to the phrase "Great things come in small packages". Many of the little critters you will see here can be found in and around the Prospect Lake watershed. See if you can find them. 

If you would like more information about Melody's work, you can visit her website in her bio below. 



Having done her time at art school and the gallery scene, with a successful series of commissions and children’s books along the way, Melody now paints miniature masterpieces

in the Berkshire Mountains while tending to a menagerie that includes a husband, a cat

and two dogs. 

"Holding a Melody Lea Lamb miniature in your hand and gazing at a tiny mouse playing in a teacup or a good old hound’s trusting brown eyes, the uncertain world tends to melt away. Imagination sprouts. Wonder takes flight. And you follow along happily. Melody takes us to what is good to remember: a world of beauty, calm nature and whimsy. This is art that makes us feel better if we are hurting and happier if we are blue. This is art that makes us say, “Aww.” Melody’s genuine positive outlook on life and her subtle hints of humor in her work lead us – for a few moments – away from uncertainty and chaos."

Karen Lideen

Melody’s newest work can be seen on her website:

Click on image for larger view and information about the piece.

You can view more of Melody's work at

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