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"Great art picks up where nature ends."


For well over a century, Prospect Lake has been an inspiration to artists--both local and visitor. I first stood on the shore of Prospect Lake in 1964, and I've been collecting old photographs, postcards and artwork depicting this area for more than forty years. It is my pleasure to share some of the artwork in my collection and in other private collections. --Gary Leveille

Gary Leveille

Gary Leveille has over 40 years experience as a writer, editor, photographer, humorist, and local historian who resides with his family in Great Barrington. He was formerly a senior editor and editorial project supervisor for Hasbro Games in Springfield, MA. Gary has worked on numerous projects for Milton Bradley, Hasbro, Parker Brothers, Disney, National Geographic, Antiques Roadshow and many others. He is the author of seven books, including the best-selling photo history entitled Old Route 7 – Along the Berkshire Highway. Also, Eye of Shawenon – A Berkshire History of North Egremont, Prospect Lake and the Green River Valley, Legendary Locals of the Southern Berkshires, and his newest book Southern Berkshires Through Time.  He is also a columnist for The Berkshire Record, where he produces the popular "Then & Now" photo history column. Gary serves on the Great Barrington Historical Commission and as Archivist for the Great Barrington Historical Society.

Many thanks to Gary Leveille for offering to share some of his amazing collection.

The Friends of Prospect Lake

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