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An abundance of fishes and ….

To the surprise of some and to the satisfaction of many, little Prospect Lake supports lots of different kinds of fish. There are bluegills aplenty. There are sunnies all around. There are bass – large-mouth? small? – and plenty of them. There are spiky looking pickerel too.

The “and” above refers to other aquatic fauna, turtles being the most common: some the size of a sewer cover, many newly hatched babies, and a range of sizes in between. Much less common and even a bit surprising when they show up are crayfish, again in a variety of sizes. One was spotted the other day that was as big as a small lobster!

The fish population keeps the rod and hook crowd both busy and smiling – just guess what’s going on in Dad’s head as he watches (and watches over) his son at work here. The sunny caught on Charlie’s fishing pole will not set any records, but it may well set him on the way to a future of relaxing times on the water.

Charlie's first fish.

This picture was taken in the summer just ending, but the lake’s fishing is year round. Summertime is full of boats and trolling motors and lazing kayaks. Once the winter brings ice that’s thick enough, the augers appear, along with chairs and tip-ups and even an occasional underwater camera. Interestingly enough, the eagles that have dropped from the sky to pull a fish dinner out of the lake during the summer can also be seen scavenging what’s left behind on the ice when winter’s fishermen clean their catch before leaving for home.

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