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Beauty at the lake … Beauty in the lake … Beauty from the lake

Photographs of the lake can show some real beauty, especially in the autumn when the trees around the lake display their cascading, evanescent colors. Here is a perfect example, a typical lakeside photo

Photo courtesy of Robin Goldberg

The colors almost vibrate off the page, bouncing first from the actual trees and then from their shimmering mirror images in the water.

Photo courtesy of Robin Goldberg

In this second photo the reflecting and shimmering are so strong they create an almost mystical feel, with the plain branches and leaves in the foreground – still green! – providing a blunt, simple contrast.

And then there is the art to be found in the lake, from the lake, sometimes with a human hand and eye adding a dimension to what’s there.

Sarah Nicholson’s hand and eye does a lot of that adding. Born and raised on an island, she grew up surrounded by water. Today she seeks it out daily. Sarah lives most of the year near the lake’s border with her husband, Roger – aka Roger the Jester. (They spend part of the winter on Antigua, Sarah’s home island.) Sarah visits the lake virtually every day, taking in its stillness, offering her thanks for nature’s refreshment. She sometimes finds natural artwork like this grouping of weed stalks at the water’s edge.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Nicholson

More often than not she uses lakeside material to form natural mandalas:

Photos courtesy of Sarah Nicholson

Sarah likes to remind herself of something the writer, Terry Tempest Williams, tells us:

With their songs, birds remember what we have forgotten -- that the world is meant to be celebrated.

In her own way, Sarah does her own celebrating.

Please join Friends of Prospect Lake in thanking Sarah for agreeing to participate as the debut artist in the launch of our online exhibit celebrating local artists who find inspiration in Prospect Lake and its surrounds. Click here to view the exhibit Waterofferings

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