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Fun Facts from Prospect Lake

Photo courtesy of Robin Goldberg

Did you know …?

Prospect Lake is basically a human artifact … man made. The dam at the north end of the lake bottles up waters that flow from incoming sources and provide the pleasure treasure we call Prospect Lake, a place where we prospect for recreational gold … kayaking, canoeing, rowing, swimming, sitting-and-gazing, fishing (in all 4 seasons!), skating and paddle-boarding (neither in all 4 seasons!) Thank heavens for that damn dam!

Have you heard …?

The rumors about a car sunk deep in the lake … a car with a body left in it? The outcome of a marital murder that has never been solved? A Chevy heavy with intrigue and mystery?

Well, let’s see now. “Deep in the lake” is, frankly, not very deep at all. Estimates vary, but the usual depths associated with the farthest reaches of the lake’s depth hover around 15-20. And that’s feet, not fathoms. Even resting sunk in the lake’s abundant muck, the top of a car would be only about a dozen feet from the surface. Far too easily found. Our murderer would have done better to choose Lake Mansfield or maybe Pontoosic.

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The site offers a rich gallery of lake pictures, from then till now + plans and events.

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