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Notes from Across the Pond: We are all very lucky.

Our guest blogger this month is Leslie Alfin, native Berkshire Area resident currently living in London with her husband Peter Horsfall.

I have been very lucky. The trajectory of my life (so far) has presented opportunities to travel to many beautiful and interesting places, providing magical memories that I will cherish for many years to come.

These travels have taken me to places near and far, and all have their unique forms of beauty and inspire in many different ways.

Most recently, aside from short trips to various EU destinations and one amazing three week excursion to Kenya which deserves its own blog one day, I have spent the past seven years in the UK. We moved here for work related reasons and to spend final years with Peter’s elderly parents and dedicated time with his family.

Because everyone is scattered around the country, we have had the opportunity to travel England far and wide, taking in the idyllic scenery that conjures all the images you might expect such as knights, fairies, druids, lavender and hollyhocks outside a thatch roofed cottage, and Victorian picnics in sunny meadows.

But even as these images, real and imagined, are taking hold in the moment, I realize that in every single case, no matter where I have travelled, the comparison to the Berkshire/Columbia County area, my home, is always there. And not one of these amazing places holds a candle to the beauty, serenity and natural wonder we are privileged to experience every day in and around our little Town of Egremont.

Photos courtesy of Peter Horsfall, Sarah Nicholson, Anne Fribourg, the family of

Chuck Houghton and Darya Geeter.

We are currently looking forward to returning to our beloved Berkshires once Peter retires—I’m an artist and my work goes where I go—and are happily anticipating settling back into the only place we have ever truly felt at home. Can’t wait.

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